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I'm not sure which route to take with fundraising; where do I start?
Fill out the Contact Me form or send me an email telling me a little bit about you, your organization, and
your needs. I'll contact you to set up a free consultation where we'll discuss the best approach to

Can't I just write the letters myself?
Like almost any other professional service (fixing your car, cutting your hair, drywalling your
unfinished basement, replacing a leaky pipe), writing is something you can do on your own. Unlike
those other services, most people have a difficult time evaluating the end product. If your car won't
start or your basement is flooding, you know it's time to call a professional. But if only a few people
are responding to (or even reading) your support letters, you may not realize anything's wrong.

You have a specific area of expertise, and that's making a difference in this world. It is my sincere
desire to use
my area of expertise to help you continue to succeed. I just need you to let me know
how I can help.

FAQ: I've tried mailings before; is it really worth the time, money, and
I believe the single most personal form of communication, and potentially the most effective, is the
letter. When a letter looks and reads and feels as though it's coming from a real person (you), people
respond! If you include a response device and a reply envelope, you give your readers the
opportunity to respond immediately.

But you have to connect with your reader, and doing that is more difficult than it sounds. That's
where I can help.
Contact me to start right now.

FAQ: I already do a newsletter; do you have any advice?
I would gladly take a look at your existing newsletter and provide editing and consulting advice.
Contact me about my editing services or email me a sample of your newsletter, and I can help you
find ways to enhance your presentation, inform your donors, and maximize response.

FAQ: I don't want to offend my friends; is fundraising on Facebook
Any time you communicate about sensitive topics such as money, you run the risk of rubbing
someone the wrong way. But social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace are intended for
personal interaction - and that's exactly what fundraising is, when done properly. The key is
communicating in a personal, genuine fashion. Begging for money is rude. Providing a link to your
donation page is not. Expecting your friends to give is presumptuous. Expressing your appreciation
for whatever interest, prayer, and support they can offer . . . that's just giving your friends the
opportunity to show they care.

Fundraising is a lot like an angry dog: let your fear show, and it will bite you. Act natural, personable,
and friendly, and you have nothing to worry about.
Contact me for help in creating a blog, a standard
email, and other tools that can generate donations and keep your friends and donors informed.