My parents’ house is jacked up. Seriously, it has been raised by jacks and elevated like the car on Cletis’s front lawn.

This marks the first change in direction for the house, which had been sinking steadily for the past 30 years or so. It would have been fixed a long time ago, except that Robbie really stinks at Jedi art. He kept telling us he could do it, but the Force is so not with him it’s not even funny. The only Jedi mind trick I’ve ever seen him do was when he convinced Lydia to marry him . . . which was a really good trick by the way.

Anyway, Bobcat isn’t just the name Robbie wants us to call him now, it’s also a fixture on our lawn. Oh what fun it is to ride on a machine that can rip out a tree without even blinking. Not that machines blink, it’s just really late.

So, the last picture is of our niece, Cordelia, lifting the house on her own. She doesn’t seem that strong, but she just propped the entire house on her left shoulder and started chugging along. For all I know, she could have brought the whole thing back to NY with her.

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