So, this motorcycle gang shows up at our house, right? And they give us an ultimatum. I mean, they don’t know the word ultimatum but they can be demanding. “Juice boxes or we attack,” they said.

Problem was, bedtime was only an hour away, and those juice boxes would have sent them bouncing off the walls and us cleaning up the pee pee. So we said, “No.” That was good enough for the two blondes, Sydney and Aubrey Jones, who backed off pretty easy.

Addison was another story, so we locked him up and put him on juice probation for 10-15 . . . hours. Posted by Picasa

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  1. I’m so sad that noone has left any comments. This is a great expression of your amazing creativity, Adam. Keep the pictures coming. They rock!!!!

  2. I am not sure who Cindy is, but I agree! I love the aite Adam, and I especially love seeing pics of Addison!

  3. All I can say is that if Cordelia had been there, she would have personally taken care of the blonde in the red car. She was always pretty protective (or is that possessive?) of the red car.

  4. This picture is adorable…although being the mom of the blondes I may be a little biased. 🙂 The commentary adds to the picture moment!

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