You can’t stop this.

I know what you’re thinking: Adam, when did you go to Brazil? But that’s not a rainforest. That’s no world class soccer pitch. That’s not Ronaldo. Seriously, it’s not. That’s Addison. In Portage. At Imagination Glen. The field, the goal, the ball, the kid . . . all really small.

Addison’s first game is this Saturday. At that point, there’s no turning back. He’ll be an official competitor. You can see it in his eyes . . . his lust for victory is unquenchable already, and they only just scrimmaged. Here’s how it happened: he launched the opening kick, the other team got the ball, drove the ball down the field and scored. Addison then headed to the sidelines and proclaimed, “I won!”

Absolutely indefatigable. He actually did almost score a goal . . . dribbled the length of the field, dove on the ball, and threw it into the goal from his knees. And we’re just talking about practice. We’re a breath away from World Cups, shoe deals, and marrying into the Beckham spice family. I’m so not ready for this.

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