4 Replies to “Soccer Hooligans”

  1. Addison, you were great! I could say you were just as good as some professional soccer player I know, but I don’t know any. Oh wait, I do. Addison you’re as good as Beckham!

    And Adam, you are inspired and you might have a little too much time on your hands, or maybe you just don’t sleep. Keep it coming.

  2. It could be argued that Addison has the potential to be THE athlete to bring futball to the limelight as a legitimate American sport. He would be the Tiger Woods for soccer. Only he will do it before the age of ten. I think that with a little help from Queen, the other kid, coach lady, and mommy, he might have a flying chance to give the sport the media attention that it so richly deserves. Did I say ”might” and “chance?” I should have said, you could bet your life on it!! Plus, he’s sooooooooo cute!

    Also, Lydia wants to know if they won.

  3. Wow, that was so cute! Kyle totally called this one; he guessed Addison would get a red flag (for specifically tackling) early in the game. Granted, it looked like he didn’t get into too much trouble since the ref was absent according to the credits ;-).

    He did awesome! The blue shirt kids had it coming. I think they had a couple of seven year olds in there, or something. Check them for steroids, seriously.

    Addison looked pretty fascinated with the net. I think he should be the goalie next time.

    Way to go Addison!!!! The Jordans are very proud of you.

  4. Wow, what a game! Addison is soooo Calvin (of Calvin & Hobbes). I was cracking up through the whole video! This game ranks next to the game we had where all the girls wore mini-jean skirts. 🙂

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