Escape from Outlook

I’ve been pondering doing this for some time now. A total conversion to trivia blog mode. One part of me hates to do it, because blogs represent everything that’s wrong with the world, people operating under the delusion that the universe wants nothing more than to read their rambling thoughts. But then the other part of me said, “Hey, that’s my favorite delusion!”

I just couldn’t take one more error message from Outlook. Half of you weren’t getting the questions anymore, and it should be your own level of disinterest that decides such thing, not some piece of incompetently wrought software.

So now, our little trivia game is online. I don’t know if I can make it work so that things don’t change for you at all. I’ve tried to set it up using a Google group so that all you have to do is check your email and reply when you know the answer. If that doesn’t work . . . then you probably don’t know about this page.

The answer to today’s question was Psalm 117. I’ll have to update you later on who actually got the question right, but for now, let’s rejoice together in the knowledge that Outlook has no control over us any longer. Ding, dong, Bill Gates is dead.

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