October 29, 2007 question

The second-largest city in Illinois is Aurora, and Reg and Steve J (the J stands for Just As Large As Chicago In My Heart) knew that.

Now, for two rants. First of all, I no longer love baseball. I should clarify . . . at the moment, at least, I don’t love professional baseball. I kind of hate it. I hate what it has become. I hate what the television networks, commissioner, owners, players, and fans have made it.

Truthfully, I don’t know how it happened. After the ’94 strike, fans were so disgruntled, they were throwing money onto the field in mock support of the baseball. But suddenly, we forgave the whole industry for making such a colossal mess of the sport we loved. Now the sport is just spoiled and stained with avarice and ugliness. The Red Sox just won it all, but it felt like the terrorists won . . . no, it felt like Microsoft won. I felt dirty watching it.

Secondly, I hate Microsoft. And Google. And computers. If you are getting multiple emails, let me know. If you ever fail to get the question, you can always find it at www.kelloggdailytrivia.blogspot.com. Okay, here’s today’s question:

What is the second largest city in New York state?

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