Musical Ripoffs

Today Addison was doing one of the odd things that drive me crazy. Nothing bad, just . . . he sings songs, and I can’t tell if he made them up or he heard them somewhere. The song tonight went like this: “SOMEDAY, I’ll be a firefighter. SOMEDAY, I’ll be a man.” The tune was kind of catchy. It sounded real enough. But when I asked him where he heard it, he said he didn’t know. When I asked him if he made it up, he said he didn’t know. So neither of us know, but it bothers me alone.

But that got me thinking of a musical clone I noticed on the radio recently. The Mix 101.9 had Modern English and Matchbox 20 in their daily 15-song rotation, and the station was on all day in our house. But I had trouble distinguishing these two songs. Check ’em out.

What do you think? Similar enough to be a ripoff? Or did Rob Thomas and pals make it up on their own? I smell a ripoff.

2 Replies to “Musical Ripoffs”

  1. I never put those two together. The beat is very close…the ME chorus has 2 chords and the MT has 4, but they sound so similar that is I would tend to agree with you. Nothing new under the sun right?

    I think what’s even crazier than music ripoffs is when you have song in your head and then you turn your radio on in the car or your house and the song you were signing is at the same exact part on the radio too! Has that ever happened to you? I tell no lie: it happens to me often enough for me to feel uncomfortable. Like, Saul’s witch uncomfortable…

  2. Ah, yes, I’m very familiar with the radio psychic phenomenon. The last time to hapin to me was that “Apologize” song by Timbaland. Sometimes I wonder if the human brain can pick up radio waves.

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