Top Ten Signs You’ve Been Watching Too Much "Scrubs"

10. You start calling your 6 month old, “Newbie.”
9. You can’t stop singing the barbershop quartet harmonies to the Charles in Charge theme.
8. You tell your 4 year old to get back in his seat, stat.
7. You forget to tell your wife things you’ve already stated in your inner monologue.
6. Three of the top 10 Google results for “Scrubs” are links to your blog.
5. During sweeps months, actors from “Must See TV” shows make guest appearances in your dreams.
4. You lose sleep wondering what Janitor’s real name is.
3. To discuss the birds and the bees, you employ the terms bajingo, delicates, and giblets.
2. You’re wearing a WWJDD bracelet.
1. You have an on-again off-again relationship with your television.

After typing #1, I realized it was an almost universally true but nevertheless galactically corny joke. But it’s just so corny, I can’t find it in me to delete it.


One Reply to “Top Ten Signs You’ve Been Watching Too Much "Scrubs"”

  1. Oh my gosh I’ve found this way too funny- as I watch Scrubs every single day- as many times a day as I can sneak in! I’m still catching up and not even through the 3rd season yet!


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