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When you need a story, an intro, an illustration, a joke, an ice breaker . . . an anecdote, is the place to go. Organized by topic, by person, user favorites, or generated randomly, their catalog includes everything from humorous quips to poignant quotes. If you’re giving a speech or . . . I don’t know, just trying to impress someone with your funny stories, you have to check out this site. Here’s one I like:

Got with the Program? Following a performance of Peter Pan one evening, a small boy who had been given a seat in the author’s box was asked which bit he had liked the most. “What I think I liked best,” the child replied, “was tearing up the program and dropping the bits on people’s
heads!” [This was one of Barrie’s favorite stories.]

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  1. I feel like this site used to be called something else…I remember looking at this site before. Or maybe it was just another one very similar…It’s a dangerous place, because I can get lost in quotes. Lost and never to be heard from again, I like them that much…

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