January 2, 2008 question

Happy New Year, trivialand! It’s my resolution this year to be more consistent with trivia. Unfortunately, I’m also sick, and (speaking of consistency) my snot is the consistency and color of those maple syrup bits they put in McGriddles. I know, what a wonderfully grotesque way to start the new year.

But I thought I should give a shout out to all those who knew that Rusty Harden was Roger Clemens’s lawyer. And I would do just that if I remembered who you were. So please give a shout out to yourselves in my stead. Here’s today’s question:

What was the top-grossing movie of 2007?

Trivial Pursuits

I love trivia. I know I’ve loved it at least as long as the godfather of trivia board games, Trivial Pursuit, first made an appearance on the Kellogg dining room table. The funny thing about that particular game was we bought it as a gift for our friend-who-is-practically-family. And since she was and is practically family, we had no qualms about giving her game a permanent home in our game closet.

But, you see, this is the nature of my love affair with trivia. I love to remember all the little facts that shouldn’t matter but do. I don’t care as much about the year we first played Trivial Pursuit. I care about the fact that during said year we in effect bought someone else a Christmas present for ourselves, one that I enjoyed immensely for the better part of two decades. That’s trivia at its best: Which member of the Kellogg family was the rightful owner of the Kellogg Trivial Pursuit game? Cynthia Sawyer.

Or last night, when we were watching The Bourne Ultimatum, and Heather was asking if I thought this CIA agent was really a bad guy, I said, “I don’t know,” but I was thinking, “No, he’s not bad, he’s Eddie Cicotte from Eight Men Out.” It’s not that I can’t follow the plot, I’m just more into the sub-sub-subplots.

And that’s why every day (every weekday) I send out a trivia question. It started out as a work email, but it expanded a little bit. Anyway, trivia is my other blog. Feel free to check it out.

Okay, I’ll end with this, my Top Ten favorite questions from the original Trivial Pursuit, Genus Edition:

10. How long was the One Hundred Years War?

9. Who created Detective Mike Hammer?

8. What was Adolf Hitler’s favorite movie?

7. What’s the lowest hand that beats a straight?

6. Was Humpty Dumpty pushed?

5. Who married Miss Piggy?

4. How many stitches are in a baseball?

3. How many grooves are in a standard vinyl LP?

2. Who shot J.R.?

1. Who lost the Battle of the Sexes?

Boy Meets Tractor

A strange internal struggle ensues when you walk in a room and witness a bad idea brewing.

1. You want to prevent sibling rivalry from killing one or both of the siblings involved. I mean, you never know, Cain could have been four years old when he took out Abel.
2. You kind of want to see if cartoon physics go into effect when critical cuteness is acheived. Maybe Colin will be flattened by Addison’s tractor, only to be restored via thumb inflation.
3. You want to take pictures either way.

This two-boy life is going to get interesting, I think.

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