Musical Ripoffs . . . All I Need

Okay, these aren’t actually ripoffs, other than that all these songs have the same title. I got the first one stuck in my head, which aggravated me to no end because the only lyrics I can ever remember are, “All I Need is just a little more time to be sure what I feel.” Drives me nuts. Anyway, I thought I’d pass the aggravation on to you by adding the song to my playlist. But in my search for the song, I found loads of other artists who have recorded tracks called “All I Need.” And while I wouldn’t go so far as to call them clones of each other, at least three of them seemed to have the same vibe as the song I was looking for. I guess it sounded to me like they all had an assignment in music class to write a song called “All I Need” that was melancholy while making a vain attempt to be upbeat. Go figure. So I thought I’d put it to a vote. Please check out a sampling of the four different songs, and tell me which one you like best.

To make it easy on some of you, I went ahead and included Radiohead. I’m not really familiar with Shawn McDonald or Mat Kearney, but I liked the songs. So give them an honest listen, a fair shake, and make your vote count . . . even though it doesn’t, in the vast configuration.

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  1. This is not even close. Radiohead in a landslide. That song rivals Fake Plastic Trees and Let Down as my fave R-head tune of all time.

    I’m pretty sure Kearney is a Christian. He seems to do that Jars of Clay thing where he sings about God all the time, but God could also be a really hot girl, depending which radio station is playing it…

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