2 Replies to “Musical Ripoffs . . . Mayer vs. Cooke”

  1. Okay, I have another one for you. Listen to the song “Hands” on my blog playlist right now (by the Raconteurs), and then find listen to “What’s the Frequency Kenneth?” by REM. So obvious it’s like the glare on a bald man’s head…

  2. Yeah, right at the beginning it’s a striking resemblance. It’s especially clear to me because I’ll never forget the first time I heard those first notes. I was in my dorm room bed and had my alarm wake me with an announcer saying, “Okay, here it is, brand new R.E.M.” It may have been the only day in my college career that I didn’t blaspheme that darned alarm when it went off. I actually got out of bed, switched on the stereo, recorded the rest of the song on cassette (yeah, baby), took in the song, and then danced around the entire floor while yelling, “New R.E.M.! New R.E.M.! Hey, Dude! New R.E.M.! I’ve freaking got it on tape!”

    So yeah, those first few chords are forever seared into my melon, and any imitators will be instantly identified like the aforementioned glare on Stipe’s naked gourd.

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