Fresh Prince of Beldare

Addison has now memorized the entire intro (well, the abbreviated intro they played in every episode after the pilot) to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He’s memorized it phonetically, so there are plenty of words he’s lost on. Like calling him the Fresh Prince of Beldare and instead of saying, “shooting some b-ball,” he says, “shooting some people.” I’ll consider posting Addison’s rendition when he’s not unintentionally threatening violence against the community. For now, I’ll share the full, rarely seen version from Mr. Smith. Just close your eyes and imagine a four-year-old white boy getting a few words wrong here and there. Oh . . . and I made a big change today, but I’ll keep it a surprise for now.

5 Replies to “Fresh Prince of Beldare”

  1. Oh, I think it’s a rite of passage to know all the words. Such a great intro song! I love his innocent interpretation!


  2. Michael and I simultaneously broke into laugher and repeated, “Shooting some people”…especially if it was followed by “outside the school”. He could get in a wee bit of trouble for that come kindergarten. That’s hilarious.


  3. That is so funny! By the way, this show is one of my daughter’s favorites. She’s thinks it’s hilarious. I’ve watched a few shows with her and I thought it was amusing too.

  4. How cute…this brings back memories for me when Nathan was younger. He use to tease me that I couldn’t remember all the words and he knew them all. To this day, he still asks me if I could sing it without missing a word and even though I have practiced, I still mess it up…He just laughs at me…

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