February 5, 2008 question

Reg and Kelly (not the morning talk TV duo . . . at least, I don’t think so) knew Mike Campbell was a Heartbreaker, but Larry’s list of known Heartbreakers was longer than the list of hearts he’s broken. I couldn’t give you a complete list of the latter, but for complete info on Tom Petty’s crew, head here.

Anyway, on to Super Duper Looper Trooper Tuesday. Today could be the day when both parties wrap up the suspense. It won’t necessarily happen, but with basically half of the union holding their primaries and caucuses today, there might not be a lot nationally for me to decide when I vote in Indiana’s contest on May 6. And that leads me to today’s question:

What three states hold their primary/caucus elections on June 3, 2008, the latest date for such elections in the U.S.?

They Can’t All Be Winners

Today’s change is so pathetically, wretchedly boring, I won’t, I repeat, I will not publish the coma-inducing details. It’s a work thing. In fact, it is the one aspect of my job that, had I faith in the Norse gods, I would call on Thor to wield his hammer and fire down a Nordic lightning bolt from the heights of Valhalla to strike this useless exercise right between the glockenspiel and straight down to H-E-Single hockey stick. It’s one of those jobs that management tells you is meaningful, important, and vital, but every fiber of your being will testify to the fact that it is the single biggest waste of time in the vast sea of trivial corporate vanity.

It sucks. But today, I’ve decided to go ahead and do it the way the demons of office bureaucracy intended when they originally spawned this soul-sucking happy meal of ennui. There. That’s it. That’s the big change.

But let me tell you something, embarking on a change-a-day adventure is risky business. First of all, there is seemingly no limit to the number of things I could or should change in my life. That’s real encouraging. But I’m used to that. No biggie. The other sad fact is that I have no intention of continuing these changes. I didn’t work that into the plan. So I might make 29 changes this month, and spend all of March reverting back to my old ways.

Still, that’s okay. If even one of these changes sticks, I’ll consider the experiment a success. If I don’t end up changing a thing . . . ha, well, maybe success is a change I’m not ready for.

February 4, 2007 question

Trivia is shoveled clean, salted through, thawed out, and ready for action. Sorry for the long hiatus, hibernation, hijacking . . . pick your hi- word. I’m sorry for all of it. But let’s move on, shall we?

If you watched the Super Bowl closely, this question should be no problem for you. Or it will be impossible. I guess we’ll find out which. Here’s the question, well, really not so much of a question as it is a challenge:

Name one of the Heartbreakers (of “Tom Petty and the . . .” fame). Just one will do, but if you can name them all, you shall be proclaimed Super Bowl champion of the universe.


Okay, the change for today is officially boring. Quick Sidenote: it’s really funny hearing someone say “Bayer Aspirin.” The “pirin” really tends to get lost. Sidenote over.

Back to today’s boring new change. I’m going to get to bed by 10:30. I know that’s not exciting, but truth be told, it’s not like I’m fighting crime after 10:30. I just need more sleep. I’ve been averaging under five hours for the past . . . I don’t even want to think about it. So it’s time for me to change that particular habit. It might change my whole life. Who knows? Maybe I will start fighting crime.

Also, people in BowFlex commercials scare me. I’m not worried they’ll beat me up, but they make me realistically afraid of alien life forms. I mean come on, there’s no earthly explanation for how someone can have muscles that sculpted and teeth that white.

So . . . yeah, I’m going to bed earlier. Time to watch me some Super Bowl. (Yeah, that’s right NFL, I said Super Bowl. Not the big game. Super. Bowl. Sue me.)

Groundhog Day

The premise for the movie Groundhog Day just might be the best movie concept of all time. A guy gets stuck in the same day over and over . . . and the fact that it is so immediately applicable to life in this world is too sad to even explore in any depth at the moment. The short of it is, I’m Mr. Habitual. I like variety in expression, but repetition in action. I guess you could say I’m a huge fan of the formula. The pattern. The template. The routine. You can plug all sorts of different things into life, but they all end up in the same basic shape. My life is a Jell-O mold.

But here’s the hilarious (and by hilarious, I mean I’m laughing to prevent a nervous breakdown into depression) reality that hit me today: I’m in my 10th year at my current job. My dad is in his 36th or 37th year at his current job. We both work at the same place, and in almost 50 combined years of working there, the two of us have not switched jobs at all.

And guess when my dad’s first day on the job was? You betcha. Groundhog Day.

The job isn’t the only thing that has stayed the same. It’s symptomatic of a wholesale lack of change. So . . . here’s my new month’s resolution: I’ll change one thing every day. Today (and there’s still a good 23 hours left) I’m going to limit myself to one hour of Internet access. That’s a start, anyway. For the rest of February, I’ll let you know each day what I changed.