In My Head

I am NOT a songwriter. Technically. I mean, no one ever introduces me as “Singer/Songwriter Adam Kellogg” or “so-called songwriter Adam Kellogg” or “Adam Kellogg, amateur songwriter.” The point is, I’m not enough of a songwriter to be considered a horrendous songwriter. I guess the main thing is, I don’t write songs.

Wow, took me awhile to get there. I don’t write songs, but I do make up songs. I just don’t write them down. In my head, I’m always composing little songs about whatever the heck is going on up there. Sometimes those songs actually come out of my mouth. People I know well are aware of this as the themes of several songs revolve around their names.

Occasionally, the songs will be set to pre-existing music. For instance, “Elena Bobena (a.k.a. Ukrainian Woman)” is set to the tune of “American Woman” by The Guess Who. “Rhonda” is just a thinly veiled “Roxanne” by The Police. Still others are original music compositions, such as “My name is Heather (I am so beautiful)” and “I’m Addison,” which was later parodied with the hit “I’m Colin James.”

Not all of the songs are name-related, those are just the ones most likely to be sung out loud. I guess I sing them because I know they will either induce laughter or annoyance, and I find both reactions satisfying. The ones that are never sung are a little better . . . at least, they usually have more lyrics or lyrics that aren’t composed for the sole purpose of rhyming with the title and/or someone’s name.

The one that popped in and danced on my cortex today was an odd little country ditty called “I just ain’t into beautiful things.” I’m not sure what triggered the thought, but I realized that for a little while now I just haven’t been enamored with beauty anymore. It made me a little sad. I don’t know how I got to this point, but I haven’t really been listening or looking for beauty . . . or appreciating it when I see or hear it. I’m surrounded by it. But I’ve just been more into funny, smart, suspenseful, encouraging . . . I guess beauty has been boring for awhile. These aren’t the actual lyrics to the song, by the way. But it’s the gist. I won’t type the words, that would make me a songwriter. I’m just not ready to lose my strict songmakerupper-only status.

This sounds kind of dark to me now, but I don’t feel like I’m in a dark place or anything. But I think it’s worth making a change. I think it’s worth going after beauty in nature, art, music, and whatever. Not sure why, but there must be a reason. I’ll let you know when I find it.

4 Replies to “In My Head”

  1. Hey Weird Al, I would like to actually see the words! 🙂

    My life after quitting my full-time job is BEAUTIFUL. I compare it to my new HD TV – I am now living MY life in HD! 🙂

  2. Beauty is like reality. It’s always there, regardless of whether we acknowledge it. We can’t really get away from it, we just convince ourselves that in some way or another (either by focusing on something else or having a false concept of what it is) that we’re outside of it. You probably don’t even have to look for it. It’s probably as easy as simply recognizing it’s there.


  3. OK, I get your point about beauty, but I would still like to hear one of your Weird-Al kinda songs that are twirling around in your brain. Unleash the beast!!!!

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