Before I Ever Blogged . . .

. . . I did Trivia. I’ve been sending out trivia questions by email daily for something like nine years, I think. Some days would include long and wordy commentaries on pop culture while others have been short wanna-be-talk-show-monologue jokes. Other times I would just get right to the question. I’m not sure why I did it that way. I didn’t know what blogging was. In fact, it probably didn’t exist yet, certainly not on any sort of a popular level. But I did it every weekday with relatively few days off.

To be honest, I’m still not 100% sure what blogging is supposed to be. The genre hasn’t exactly been precisely defined for me, but I get the gist. The purpose of this blog (at least the primary purpose I’ve attached to it) is to give myself and others the chance to waste time in a way that doesn’t feel like a waste. It’s meant to be a diversion that feels like the right way to go. In essence, trivia that somehow feels important . . . and fun. And that has been the model of my trivia email pursuits from the beginning. I’ve tried to make my readers’ days just a little brighter while also making ourselves just a little brighter as well.

Anyway, I say all this to let you know that if this blog ever grows stagnant (oxymoron alert) you can always look to Trivia for a little bit of pointless knowledge and frivolous commentary. And if it winds up feeling purposeful and meaningful, well, so be it. Here’s the introduction to today’s question. It’s a typical example of the way things used to be before conventional blogging forced trivia into its current truncated existence:

Say what you want about the air quality, but there’s something in the water in Beijing. It seems that a new world record is being set with every heat of every round of every swimming event. Now, the optimistic side of me loves the fact that the American men’s 4×100-meter freestyle relay team completed the most amazing comeback in the comeback world since L.L. Cool J told us not to call his comeback a comeback. I was whooping and hollering right along with those four musclebound marine mammals as they rubbed their smash-prediction-defying victory in the turned-up noses of the French.

But they beat the world record by almost four seconds. In a race that runs just over three minutes, that’s a full two-percent shift. Keep in mind, the old World Record was not yet a day old. Five, count ’em, FIVE of the eight teams in the race beat the previous world record. I’m not saying the Americans are cheaters. I’m saying everyone is a bunch of cheaters. There is still no test for Human Growth Hormone.

But I’d say the stopwatch is a pretty good indicator.

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  1. Hurray for HGH! I loved watching those guys swim. The hormone doesn’t do much for the women though, except giving them an extreme case of the uglies. I have never witnessed such a concentrated group of ugly women (except in Provincetown, MA)in
    my life!
    The men seriously looked like large fish on the under water shots. Can’t say the women looked as graceful.
    Why is that?

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