August 20, 2008 question

Okay, so it’s been about a week since you got your last question, and I’m just so terribly sorry. The stories of suffering have been pouring in. One of you spent an entire morning of meetings thinking about nothing but the actual topics of those meetings. A woman in Baltimore was forced to actually listen to what Regis and Kelly were saying. Three children in Akron, Ohio, were stranded at the movies until police found their mother repeatedly pressing the “check mail” button in the hopes the question might finally arrive. It’s all my fault, and I apologize.

I can never hope to make up for this. I can only try to move on. So let’s finish out the Entertainment portion of the Trivia Olympiad and award some medals. Here are the male and female artists who’ve racked up the most Grammys in a single night: Michael Jackson, Carlos Santana, Norah Jones, Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, and Lauren Hill. Here’s how the points were awarded:

Heidi and Islem: 6 points
Karen H (the H stands for Holla Back): 4 points
Charles and Karen M (the M stands for Money): 2 points
Nancy K (the K stands for King Of Pop), Cindy, and Steve T (the T stands for Tito Santana): 1 point

Here are the standings:

Islem: 7
Nancy K: 6
Steve T: 6
Karen H: 5
Charles: 2
Karen M: 2
Amy: 1
Cindy: 1
Steve J: 1

And here’s the next question, a classic five-pointer:

Who shot J. R.?

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