Okay, Here We Go . . .

Alright, I’m watching the Cubs get pummeled. I’m also swapping during commercial breaks to watch the debate, which I have on pause. It’s atrocious. Both of them. But I have so many cranky, annoyed observations to make, I needed a better outlet than to simply update my Facebook status every 15 seconds.

So I decided to do blogging the old fashioned way. You know, when you keep an actual log of events or impressions throughout a certain course of time. Here’s my first one:

Both of these things are unwatchable. The Cubs just went down in order after committing three consecutive errors, one of which was not called an error. Ugh. 5-0.

The debate is crap. They aren’t answering the questions. They aren’t really talking about what they’re planning on doing. They’re both experts on what the other person can’t do. Ugh.

October 2, 2008 question

Sorry, I’ve been out of the trivia office for a couple of days. I have nothing to say about anything. Here’s today’s question:

Where are Broca’s area and Wernicke’s area located?

Oh, and here’s who knew that zero World Series champions have called Wrigley home (it was opened in 1914, six years after the last Cubs title):

Steve J (the J stands for Just J)

Congratulations. Whoopee.