November 25, 2008 question

This year, someone, somewhere is hurting. They’re about to lose their home, and you can help . . . yourself! Take advantage of the bad economy, and act now!!!!

Home prices have fallen back four years in the last three months. That’s faster than . . . it’s faster than Dorothy’s house came down in Oz–and just ask the Wicked Witch of the East, that was plenty fast. So . . . this is a rotten time to sell a house. But if you don’t own a house, and you’re about to move, rent an apartment, renew your lease, or make any other living decision that does not include buying a house . . . BUY A HOUSE! Do it now!

The winter is an excellent time to buy a house, because it’s naturally a slow-selling market to begin with. But an economic winter is an even better time to buy. It is not entirely unlikely that you can buy a house for less per month than what you’re about to pay in rent. So do it! Now! If you’re wondering what to get your co-worker for Christmas . . . buy her a house! Seriously, it’s worth a shot. At least take a look. There’s no reason for us all to suffer! Okay, here’s who knew that Garfield creator Jim Davis is the man behind the fur balls at Paws, Inc.:

Karen M (the M stands for Mondays Stink)
Karen H (the H stands for Hair Ball)
Nancy K (the K stands for K-9 Hater)

And here’s today’s spinoff question:

How many television series spun off of All in the Family (or spun off of its spin-offs)?

Bonus points if you can name them.

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