December 9, 2008 question

“Guantanamera” is the song in question about a girl from Guantanamo. Perhaps you remember it better from the SNL episode hosted by Patrick Swayze, who sung it as, “One Ton of Fan Mail.” As it is, only H. E. (the H E stands for Hilarity Ensues) knew the answer. He knew the answer, I tell you know, I say, He knew the answer. And nobody else did . . . say Guantanamera.

And now we move on to the Supreme Court’s dismissal of the case calling into question the natural-born citizenship of Barack Obama. Before we get to the trivial twist, I just have to say . . . the natural-born citizen qualification to be President of the United States is quite possibly the stupidest law this country has ever passed. Who the franny flip cares where you came out? If you are a citizen of the United States, you are a citizen of the United States. The Constitution is a fine document, but the founding fathers were temporarily on crack when they introduced that pearl of presidential putrescence. It is quintessential idiocy to isolate geographical location at the time of extraction from the birth canal as a stipulation of presidential eligibility. Neo-Nazis from New Zealand can have quintuplets while summering in Maine, all of whom can conceivably become president of the United States while an American military family who give birth to a daughter at a base in Hong Kong need a congressional injunction to grant their child citizenship of the natural-born kind? Pre. Pos. Ter. Ous.

And here’s the twist: that case against Obama’s citizenship also called into question the legality of John McCain’s candidacy on the same grounds. Here’s today’s question:

In what country was former presidential hopeful John McCain born?

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