December 15, 2008 question

It took me awhile, but the count is in . . . four of the last eight Illinois governors have faced federal charges for their misconduct, although some of them didn’t face the music until after they were done governing. Here’s who knew that Illinois is literally half bad:

Heather M (the M stands for Murder Is Justifiable)
Nancy K (the K stands for Kidnapping My Children At Your Own Peril)
Steve J (the J stands for Jaywalking Should Be Punishable By Taser)

Now on to today’s news. An Iraqi journalist threw both his shoes at George W. Bush, and it wasn’t in the generous spirit of Ghandi or anything. He was throwing shoes at the president of the United States. W handled it by joking . . . he should have flown off the handle. What happened to Don’t Mess with Texas?

Yikes. Here’s today’s question:

What shoe company was formed when Onitsuka, GTO, and JELENK merged in 1977?

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