Random Thoughts, Holiday Edition

* I recently overheard some people discussing how old they were when they found out about Santa Claus, when I realized that I never stopped believing in Santa Claus. 

* I then marveled at how those of us who do believe in Santa (heretofore called Santanistas) are able to get away with flaunting our religion in all of your Santa-hating faces. I wondered what the difference was between images of Santa and images of Christ . . . or anyone or anything else in which one can choose to believe. Why do nonbelievers in anything get so riled up about Christmas carols in public schools or Nativity scenes on public property, while nobody is firing ACLU bullets at Santa? The only difference, it seems to me, is that nobody really believes that anybody believes in Santa. So we don’t consider him a religion. 
Suddenly the pettiness of all this anti-religious fervor jumped out at me like a drunken elf and his team of rabid reindeer. These people aren’t offended by religious displays because they don’t believe in God . . . they’re offended because other people do believe in God. Isn’t that the very essence of hatred? A government office could legally display an illuminated, inflated, Santa-hat-wearing alien on public property. They can’t display a Nativity. Why? Because nobody cares if people believe in Santa and aliens, but everybody seems to care if people believe in Jesus. Tell someone, “Happy Halloween,” and very rarely will they get mad at you. They don’t believe in it, and they know you don’t either. But tell someone, “Merry Christmas,” and they just might get offended. Same story on their belief . . . they don’t believe in it. The only difference in the two exchanges is your belief. They get offended because you believe in it and you failed to hide it from them.
Translation: they hate you because you believe in Jesus Christ. It’s the same kind of hatred as racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, and a whole bunch of other isms. The disguise of “respecting everyone’s beliefs” is bull. The ACLU doesn’t want the separation of church and state, they want the segregation of church and state. People hate Christians because of our beliefs, plain and simple. The sad fact is, most of us hate them back because of theirs. Didn’t think I was going there, but I did.
* Meanwhile, the Santanistas and I continue our reign of world domination unabated.
* If you can’t complete a full circle before you reach the end of the rhyme, you’re playing Ring Around the Rosie with too many people. If you’re just spinning around, you’re playing with too few.
* I’m sitting here barely protected from the 16-degree weather, getting snowed in again. Yet, not a day goes by that I don’t hear more than one person utter the words global warming. I can’t help but agree with Inigo: “You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

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  1. Um, I forgot everything you wrote after I read 16 degrees! jk! 🙂

    Your article was very well stated and something I haven’t thought about before quite in that way. I knew nonbelievers hated us for believing in God but you gave me another way to view it. Oh, by the way – Merry Christmas!

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