December 23, 2008 question

Most of your guesses reflect Al Gore’s global warming projections (except for one guess that was somewhere around absolute zero). But Trevor definitely was very warm with his uber-frigid guess of -121 degrees, which is not a lot toastier than the correct answer of -128.6.

I will make no attempt at a segue between that and the next topic: fat free half & half. I have no idea what possessed me to do so, but I accidentally grabbed a quart of fat free half & half out of the refrigerator of my local grocer. My wife took great pleasure in pointing out that I had made a fat-free selection, something I never consciously do. Seriously. I don’t even like fat free vegetables. But the idea of freeing the fat from something that is half milk (the lower fat half) and half cream (the luscious, flavorful, tubby half) just made no sense. Then I looked at the label, which leads me to today’s question:

Fat free half & half is half skim milk and half what*?

(Contains less than 2% of a bunch of negligible ingredients)

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