January 27, 2008 question

I would have asked you which states have never produced a Miss America, but since there are 21 of them (including the Virgin Islands, who have only been competing for four years now) the big winners California, Ohio, and Oklahoma stepped into the trivial spotlight. Nancy K (the K stands for Kansas) was the only one to correctly name two.

Hmm . . . I guess there’s a reason they pulled this show off network TV, because anything not known by this group of trivia seekers isn’t really worth knowing. Well . . . you know.

Right now I’m just excited about the recent study showing that it would take 1,000 years to reverse the global warming trend, even if we reduced our CO2 emissions to zero. Of course, that would require us all to stop breathing, so . . . I’m going to go ahead and keep driving my car, thank you very much. Can we stop putting “green” on the labels of every product imaginable now? I’m ready to go out and buy a bottle of “We’re All Gonna Die Anyway” turbo-charged, industrial strength, lead-based laundry detergent. Okay, here’s today’s question:

The existence of what organization (WAGDA) will likely prevent me from patenting the initials of my new brand, We’re All Gonna Die Anyway?

A) Washington State Geospatial Data Archive
B) Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal Aggregate
C) Weekly Addiction Gaming Designers Association
D) Women’s Action to Gain Diversified Advancement
E) World Affairs & Global Development Alliance

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