Spelling Bee: Numb What?

Yesterday Heather, Addison, and I were playing Cubs Monopoly and flipping between a repeat of last year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee and Empire Strikes Back . . . pretty awesome, all the way around. But what kept us coming back to this year-old spell-off was the adorable and unintentionally hilarious eventual winner, Sameer Mishra.

As you’ll see in this clip, he got a word that may have sounded a tad familiar, but not from any of his studying. As the crowd laughter indicates, he wasn’t the only one who misheard the judge. It was, as far as I can remember from my extensive spelling bee viewing, the funniest moment in spelling bee history. Enjoy.
Priceless, no? My favorite was his commentary after the confusion was over: “That’s a relief.”
Yes, indeed, Sameer. A comic one.

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  1. OK, first – you were actually watching a spelling bee? Second – I thought the guy said numnut too! Loved the boy’s reaction! Um, did I spell that correctly? 🙂

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