Jake Fox’s Bat vs. Sweet Lou’s Temper

The Chicago Cubs are reportedly recalling Jake Fox and his uber-bat from AAA, where he’s hitting somewhere in the neighborhood of infinity with a google homers and 100% of his team’s RBI’s. (They also brought up SS Andres Blanco and LHP Jason Waddell.)

With this move, Cub fans are rewarded with three big items off their wish list while shattering one fairy tale:
  • Jake Fox has a chance to prove he’s not just a AAA legend.
  • Aaron Miles will take a break from sullying the Cub lineup card, as he’s being placed on the 15-day DL with a bad swing and a partially strained statistical projection.
  • Neal Cotts is being sent down to the minors where he is rumored to be trade bait for a Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast and a Bob Walk rookie card.
  • Bobby Scales, the exciting spark plug and fan favorite substitute teacher, has been sent down to AAA as well. It’s sad to see him go, but his recent bout with the flu probably saddled him with more sick days than he could afford.
Seeing Miles and Cotts out of action will cause much jubilant relief among Cubbie faithful, but it’s the Jake Fox call-up that really has fans buzzing, especially given their recent offensive woes. But all of Fox’s minor-league exploits amount to little more than Jack Squat—he has to show his stuff on the major-league level. And it seems slightly doubtful that he’ll see everyday playing time unless he shows he can play 3B.
Remember those stories of how SF Giants 3B Matt Williams used to practice fielding grounders with a ping pong paddle instead of a glove? The word on Jake Fox is that he looks like he’s doing that, only not as successfully. We’ll see how fast he cools off.
And speaking of cooling off, Cubs manager Lou Piniella is staying surprisingly cool during this offensive economic downturn, and it’s sending some Cub fans’ frustration over the boiling point. Lou says blowing up with a hell-fire hissy fit doesn’t really work in firing up a team (Lord knows, he’s done the research). He says now is the time for him to be calm and reassuring, but many fans are still begging for a classic Lou tirade. 
So here’s the big question I’m hoping you can answer. Which will happen first: Jake Fox’s bat cooling off like an iceberg, or Lou Piniella’s temper erupting like a volcano?

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