See You @ Wrigley

It’s game day today. I’ll admit, I don’t make it to a lot of Cubs games. Ever since they became good ridiculously marketable, the price of tickets (and fees and taxes and fees on taxes and the overwhelming convenience of it all) has exceeded my desire to have beer spilled on me watch frat boys act like they’re running the place enjoy the sound of 30,000 texts being tapped into cell phones while as many heads bow in ignorant worship of the wireless devices of their own destruction see the games live on a regular basis.

But this is it: my 3rd and probably final Cubs game of the year. My wife, my five-year-old son (who is right now anxiously awaiting the El ride to the station that shares his name and who will spend the majority of the game anxiously awaiting the El ride back), and I will all make our way to that holy hall, equal parts friendly and confining.
I hope the Cubs can reclaim first place. I hope the Cardinals’ season gets cancelled. I hope my son can join the throng in jubilant Goodman chorus as we serenade the rising W flag.
If all else fails, we’ve always got next year, when the little brother should be old enough to join us.

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