Cubs Twitter All-Stars

If we can’t win it this year, might as well irritate some Cardinals.
UPDATED 9/25 (this should probably be in alphabetical order. Instead, it’s in the order that I entered names. Sue me.)
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Twitter makes winning fun and losing a little bit more palatable. If you tweet, you’re familiar (perhaps to the point of contempt) with the concept of Follow Friday. You also know that Tony LaRussa tried to sue Twitter. And you probably also know that these Cubs fans (among a plethora of others) rock, but here are some reminders why:
@ehudmh This is one funny (and insightful) dude. Never met a tweet of his I didn’t like.
@cubsjunkie Fun, feisty, and full of fascinating tweets. (Do not cross this woman: the animals obey her.)
@hey_sue She’s got a dry wit and a wry sense of teeny-bopper button pushing. #lovehertodeath
@jmkobus You never know where his tweets might lead you, but that place will be awesome.
@TweetsByDina High Queen of Haiku, wordsmith extraordinaire, and purveyor of sweet tweets.
@fuzzed18 An engaging and delightful fan who really keeps the social in social media.
@trishkaa If your life needs more sass and spunk (and it does) you need more of her.
@aaronswray His tweet stream will cleanse you from boredom. I swear.
@aleagueofherown Phenomenal tweets are just the tip of her awesomeberg. Twitter can’t contain the glory.
@ggci You want tweets with class and substance, he’s your guy. Then he’ll make you laugh til you puke.
@tom_reutebuch He’s all kinds of deep-fried awesome.
@wrigleygirl Like the stadium that serves as her Twitter namesake, she’s a national treasure.
@c1t1z3nx You know what that name stands for? It stands for fun and hilarity, that’s what.
@Aisle424 I miss Mike Royko. His tweets and blog posts are reminiscent of the genius of old.
@dwag29 She might live closer to Citi Field, but her heart is lost in the ivy.
@TheCubsInHaiku The finest Cubs tweets / Seven and ten syllables / Wit, faith, fun, and hope
@MOgulnick When she’s running the world, you’re gonna wanna say you followed her when…
@wpbc If it’s relevant, original, and memorable, there’s a good chance you heard it from him.
@CubsMagicNumber If you aren’t following her, your days should be numbered. Get it together.
@nearlynextyear He’s blessed with Evanstonian Eloquence and cursed with, well, the Cubs.
@herlihy If you could plot a person’s way with words on a map, his would be the Oregon Trail.
@cubscasthosts The only Cubs podcast I listen to. Their tweets will tell you why.
@Aaliyoda If you don’t like being informed, entertained, and engaged, stay the heck away.
@onetwittedcubs Author of One-minute Cubs blog (aka best minute of your day)
@Thankphil He’s an Iowa Cubs fan with major-league talent. Quietly one of my absolute favorites.
@areyoudrunk Only took 11 characters to prove this was one tweep I couldn’t help but follow.
@SarahSpain Yes, her picture is real. She’s also a sideline reporter for the Big Ten network & the funny and insightful host of Fantasy Players Minute.
@TheCubsGuy You must prove yourself worthy to read his Cubs tweets. You should be that lucky.
@hirejimessian Even more sarcastic than the name implies, his tweets and blog will leave you rolling.
@Purpl0704 A genuinely delightful Cubs fan and all-around fun person.
@CarrieMuskat We like to give the writer a hard time, but her tweets are first-rate & informative.
@rudym55 His Cubs tweets are so good, you’ll be tempted to carry him off the field on your shoulders.
@blicdh Quick draw Kevin McGraw cheers for all the right teams and says all the right things.
@TheBlogfines If you’re a fan of Sharapova’s Thigh(s) . . . I don’t even know how to finish this. Go here.
@thezoner The dude is a Chicago sports blog factory, with best blog title ever: Pippen Ain’t Easy
@rpringle I won’t say I’ve got the fever for his flavor. I do, but I won’t say it. He’s much too classy for that.
@talkchibaseball Baseball bipartisanship at its very best. Truly a worthwhile follow and read.
@kerrence Wry, relevant, unpredictable, and all kinds of awesome.
@dat_cubfan_dave Puts a lot of thought and meaning into his tweets, good links, great follow.
@bleedcubbieblue If you don’t know Al Yellon or his powerhouse blog, welcome to the outside of the loop.
@martisnow Cub fan and Red Sox fan. Her heart is only half healed, but her posts are wholly awesome.
@proseandivy A fine Cubs blogger, funny tweeter, and fan.
@harrypav If ever someone tells you Cubs fans are stupid, point them to cubsfx and bask in the glory of Harry Pavlidis proving them dead freaking wrong.
@GatoradeMachine This tweep capitalized on a couple dugout incidents and was catapulted to fame. The fact that he’s hilarious (and real) didn’t hurt either.
@DietRite She (not her account) is named after Jody Davis. Need I go on? I should. She’s awesome.
@terilou6983 She’s smart, funny, and worth following for all kinds of non-Cub reasons, too.
@Eukadanz Follow Eukadanz if you want to. You can leave your friends behind. Cuz your friends don’t danz and if they don’t danz then they’re no friends of mine.
@Ernesto_H Very fun and funny Cubs/Bears fan whose in-game tweets make me laugh regularly. And sometimes irregularly.
@ari_bo_bari Although her stat-loving allegiance spreads across four different baseball teams, I can only remember one . . . and the fact that every tweet is exquisite.
@TorturedFanBase There are some Twitter names that tell you everything you need to know about the genius behind them. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
@BluntChick I don’t even know if she’s sold-out as a Cubs fan, but she’s awesome enough to include regardless.(She actually is a Cubs fan and Hawks fan and growing steadily more awesome with every passing moment.)
@plamorte This dude is a deadly combination of wit, smarts, and Cub fanaticism. But don’t worry. Do not hold me accountable if you die laughing from reading his tweets.
@itsjenjen She describes herself as goofy, but I’ve found her to be elegant, delightful, and witty.
@ataccini She’s one of those people who you just know is way smarter than you, but she’s nice enough to pretend she doesn’t realize the discrepancy—and she’s way fun, too.
@acforever The name might imply he never shuts his windows, but he also never stops being edgy, funny, and bloggy: Check out the Cubbies Crib
@KariGoCubsGo She’s a nurse and a Sooner, and that’s OK with me. Bright, fun, and brimming with spunk.
@AngryHack This dude is out there in all the right ways. His avatar is green, I think, in support of Soto.
@adaveyouknow He’s Dave. You know? Nice and witty with a smooth layer of sarcasm.

There are many (seriously a whole lot) more Cubs fans I’d love to recognize, and I’ll add them as they come to mind (and as time allows). If you’d like to add anyone, please mention them in the comments, on twitter, or to your grandchildren. Just spread the love as you see fit.

More than anything, thanks to all of you who have added so much to A) the Cub game viewing experience, B) the magnificent world of Twitter, and C) my life in general.

8 Replies to “Cubs Twitter All-Stars”

  1. I'm flattered at the comparison to Royko, who was a hero of mine, but in reality, I think he would roll in his grave if he knew a blog like mine was being compared with his work. Its still nice to hear though and I appreciate it.

  2. I hear you. Royko (I have to correct that typo, sheesh) was one of a kind, it's true, but your wit and edge are definitely in the same vein–and you come closer to him in quality than the Tribune sportswriters do. So thanks for emulating a legend and doing a darn good job of it.

  3. Thanks so much. I sometimes start to wonder if it's all real and a post like this crystallizes how much I've enjoyed following the Cubs with this fantastic group of fans. You've really highlighted the essence of each one perfectly!

    My hall of fame would have to included you, @Adambuckled, the one person on Twitter who really makes me laugh out loud, can brighten my day with a RT or an @reply, and keeps me online when I should be off drumming up business. And who got me hooked on Glee to comfort me as my baseball hopes slip away.

  4. Aw, thanks darlin'! You and the other Tweacher Bums* have made this season much more pleasurable than it deserved to be!


  5. What fun it's been tweeting with AK, my fellow All-Stars, and so many other wonderful, friendly, "#Cubs" fans this season – literally, laugh-out-loud hysterical!

    So I'd like to thank the Academy, Twitter, TweetDeck, Dell, my Comcast remote control, and my portable AM radio – and humbly submit that it was never my intention to make anyone actually puke! Spit-up a few times, maybe; gag once or twice; but nothing more untoward than that!

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