The (Off) Season of Sharing

While things have been fairly slow on the Cubbie front, it’s been anything but in the offices of And Counting. Don’t let the recent post stoppage fool you. I’ve been working like a dog (mostly on things of no interest to you whatsoever). And I’ve also been lending my services to a couple of other blogs I think will be of interest to you.

First there’s the Cubs blog of epic renown, A League of Her Own (affectionately known as LOHO or Cubhalla). I’ll be posting there on my patented irregular basis, beginning with this weekend’s look into potential candidates to join Rudy Jaramillo on staff with the Cubs. There’s an inspiring cast of regular contributers and discussion generators over there, and I highly recommend making it a regular stop on your quest to flee productivity.

I’ve also begun contributing to a growing Chicago sports site, 312 Sports, where I just posted a somewhat statistical look at Rudy’s effect on Soriano while in Texas.

I’m thrilled, honored, and falsely humbled to be a part of both blogs and to expose even more people to my verbose rants and musings. I won’t stop posting unique content here, but in the spirit of sharing I thought I’d begin a new trend of highlighting great content from other Cubs sites. Here’s a link from a blog I thoroughly enjoy, waxpaperbeercup, who offers some encouraging news on Starlin Castro, a rising star in the Cub farm system (who also is one letter away from being named after two dictators).

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