Baseball Season’s Under Way . . .

Pitchers and catchers have yet to report, but they’re thinking about it.
There’s a foot of snow outside my house, but some of it is melting.
I know a lot of people hate the song, but I still feel compelled to get ready for a brand new day.
Vegas is giving 14:1 odds that the Cubs will win the World Series, but they also gave Buster Douglas 42:1 to beat Tyson.
The ivy looks dead, but it’ll grow back.
I haven’t heard Pat nor Ron nor Len nor Bob in quite awhile, but I know the next “Aw, Geez!” is right around the corner.
Somewhere someone’s arguing about how much money Ryan Theriot deserves, and somewhere someone in Wrigleyville is wondering if getting called out by an arbiter is considered a TOOTBLAN.
Yeah, we’re in the middle of the Winter Olympics, but when I see Sean White’s head crash into the snowboard halfpipe, I can’t help but think of Sam Fuld.
The Cubs will not win the World Series, but I refuse to learn.
Hope springs eternal, and so does stupidity.
It’s 30 degrees outside, and it feels like baseball.
Play ball.

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  1. I should point out that I was 9 years old when the song first came out, so I liked it plenty then. By the time they started playing it again after wins, I had a kid of my own who liked it too. It just brings back the 1984 feelings, so I don't think I'll ever dislike it. And there are worse songs that I like more, so . . .

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