Yeah, That Happened: the Richard Marx Cubs

It’s time for a new feature here at And Counting where we revisit some of the most embarrassing Cubbie occurrences both on and off the field. It’s called, as the headline suggests, Yeah, That Happened.

Our inaugural installment takes us back to 1991, when Richard Marx used the title of his hit album (Rush Street) to let the world know of his love for the city of Chicago and he used the video for “Take this Heart” to express his love for the Cubs. What I remember (and am willing to admit) about this video is that the Cubs wouldn’t allow him to film it at Wrigley. God bless them.

You can see for yourself, if you’re willing to suffer through it, that the video really does have it all: Bob Uecker, Mark McGwire, Tony LaRussa, Dennis Eckersely, Jose Canseco, Rickey Henderson, Greg Maddux, Jim LeFebvre. That’s 3 Hall of Famer’s (Ueck, Eck, and Rickey), 2 guaranteed locks to make it as soon as they’re eligible (Maddux and LaRussa) and another who really ought to be there already (McGwire). And Richard Marx.

I won’t say any more about it, I’ll just let the video speak for its lousy self. Yeah. That happened.

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