Stream of Cubbie Consciousness

Carlos Zambrano belongs in the bullpen like Rod Blagojevich belongs on the Supreme Court.

Over the last week, the Cubs went 2-4 . . . and gained a game on the Cardinals.

The Toyota sign is a commercial, not a story.

Any team that doesn’t pull out all the stops to grab every dollar they can scrounge will show the same lackluster interest in wins.

I can’t stop watching ‘Til Death. It is not funny.

The National League is pretty bad.

Next Sunday’s Lost finale will leave us with a lot of unanswered questions. Most of them will start with “What the . . . “

The Cubs are a better team with Starlin Castro than with Chad Tracy.

Conan O’Brien’s anti-cynical farewell speech was good advice.

The purists said the lights desecrated Wrigley Field. I was one of them. I was 13. Change is good.

If Lou didn’t care, he would have quit a long time ago.

No. He didn’t. Very funny.

Carlos Marmol found the cheat codes for his slider.

Space Giants was a great show.

No sport has been more revolutionized by the advent of HDTV than hockey. I can see the puck now.

Marlon Byrd.

Over 1/3 of one-pitch at-bats result in hits.

Coffee is the quaintest of addictions.

When the Cubs start hitting as a team (and they will . . . this year) they’ll rack up a double-digit winning streak.

The Cubs don’t need a mascot. We are the mascots.

Wrigley Field ambassadors won’t stop fans in the bleachers from relieving themselves in empty beer cups, but they will hand out “not beer” labels.

I overhead a Wrigley bathroom attendant saying he had waited five years to get his current assignment. Heaven help the poor schmuck who inherited his 2005 gig.

Singing “the Cubs are gonna win today” after they win is . . . well, given the state of the bullpen, it’s almost premature.

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