C’est la Guerre

I’m not the world’s biggest soccer fan. Actually, were I not the only person in it, there’s a decent chance I wouldn’t be this room’s biggest soccer fan. I also don’t dislike the French. They are basically the European Union’s equivalent of the Chicago Cubs. Same colors. Similar history. Known for their whining, their overpriced alcoholic beverages, and their oft-exaggerated history of giving up the fight by the end of June. They were great about 100 years ago, but no one has really respected them since the ’40s.

Still, for some inexplicable reason, this Tom & Jerry classic (particularly the final scene, beginning at about the 6:16 mark) sums up quite nicely my emotional response to the French being eliminated from the World Cup. Considering all the Cubs and the French have in common, I should probably be much more sympathetic to their sufferings. I guess I’m just deflecting. While I go seek psychiatric help, enjoy the clip that may have inflicted the trauma at the root of my sadistic condition.

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