Fun with Fireworks, Fun with Photoshop

If it were up to him, Addison never would have stopped running up and down that dune.

I decided to change the look of the blog again, as well as the fact that I haven’t posted since Idol ended. There will be some new things, I promise. 

We went to see the fireworks tonight, and it was great fun. 
That is all.

Cubs Facts that Don’t Make Me Angry

On any given day, the Cubs have a really solid chance of winning, even if it’s against the Pirates.

Pat Hughes is the best radio play-by-play man I’ve ever listened to on a daily basis.

Watching the Cubs lose in a hopeless summer is still better than the hopeful baseball-free winters.

There are an awful lot of Cubs fans that I like an awful lot.

Alfonso Soriano is no longer painful to watch.

The next heartbreaking playoff loss appears to be quite a ways off.

Ticket prices are going down like . . . well, like the Cubs.

Starlin Castro is still in the majors.

Tyler Colvin can hit.

The pitching has been pretty good this year, and I’ve always felt that bad pitching is much more frustrating to watch than bad offense.

Whether Tom Ricketts wants to run this team as a fan or as a businessman, he’s going to have to put a better product on the field to be happy.

I really like the calzones at Wrigley.

However awful the walk-up music is, I haven’t heard any Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber yet.

Even if they did, a little “Party in the U.S.A.” never hurt anybody.

Most people won’t admit it, but Carlos Zambrano spoke for all of us.

I’m pretty sure I have a fear of success, and the Cubs have been very understanding in that regard.

The fire sale is inevitable. And who doesn’t love a sale?