Farewell to Theriot Caption Contest – UPDATE: We Have a Winner

Geo: We just suck.
Theriot: Yeah, but I’m awesome at everything.

Congratulations to Sue the Quiet Riot on her winning caption. In addition to honor, glory, and praise (and, by the way, Riot says, “Hi”), Sue also receives this hair-metal video dedication courtesy of Whitesnake. Yeah, that’s right, pay dirt. Thanks to everyone who submitted captions through facebook, twitter, and the comments section. Better luck next time, when something like this could be yours:

If you‘re a fan of like And Counting on Facebook, you’re already aware that there’s a caption contest currently underway to come up with the best (as judged by me) caption for the photo of Geovany Soto and the now dearly departed (and herein depicted) Ryan Theriot. The winner will receive glory, honor, praise, and a lifetime subscription to this blog. I’ll also mention you by name the next time I talk directly to The Riot.

There are already several entries, so you’ve got your work cut out for you:

Omc MGb (of One Minute Cubs):

You see the trick is to lick it, THEN roll the ends. If you try to roll the ends first, you end up…oh ho..iksnay….Umm yeah if you widen your stance a little you might be able to…ok so you end up spilling the…..

Susan (of @hey_sue fame):

Soto: We just suck.

Theriot: Yeah, but I’m awesome at everything.

Kin (who dreams of the World Series):

Soto: …and then I was benched for a guy with no fingers.

Theriot: That’s nothing! I lost my regular job to a guy who wasn’t even alive when I won the College World Series!

And an alternate:

Soto: I don’t think you’re wearing the right sized cup. And I just can’t stop staring at it.

Ernesto (the hilarious and faithful @hdzneto):

Soto: Can you believe they took away my pot. I mean, it was my kryponite but it’s helped me get through my 2+ years of being a Cub.

Theriot: (not paying attention) Hey, look! If I stand here, I’m taller than you!

 If you don’t like this page via Facebook . . . you probably made the right call. Regardless, I’d love to read your caption.