F You for Being a Friend

“Thank You for Being a Friend,” Andrew Gold (Golden Girls theme, performed by Cindy Fee)
“F*ck You,” Cee Lo Green

The message of these two songs could not be more different. And the tempo is off a bit. But every time I’d hear the Cee Lo hit, I kept expecting it to close with a run of strings and a prolonged note from a song I couldn’t quite place. I knew it was a TV theme. I knew it was from the ’80s. But “FU” is such a catchy song, I never lingered on the similarity very long.

Also, since I now update this blog only annually, I didn’t feel compelled to take action. But today I finally cleared away enough mental laziness to try to remember what song it really is. I can’t say I expected the road that started at Gnarls Barkley to end at Bea Arthur, but here I am.

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