Marlon Byrd Promises Cubs Will Combust

Guns don’t kill people . . . but I’m
not arguing with Marlon’s.

I’m not the one to turn to for a pep talk on the Cubs’ chances in 20!! (double exclamation points to the contrary). If I start talking about the Cubs contending this year, it’s because I’m blatantly choosing to ignore the information I have at my disposal. No amount of data can predict with absolute certainty what the Cubs will accomplish this season. But I think a postseason appearance in !! is entirely improbable. I won’t begrudge anyone their loftier predictions, I just won’t tend to agree with them on an intellectual level.

But if you want that pep talk, go to Marlon Byrd. If you can’t set up a personal appointment, go to his blog. He believes the Cubs are going to explode.

I won’t argue (although Carlos Zambrano promises he won’t explode). I really hope he’s right. I can’t rule out that he’s right. There’s no harm in believing the Cubs will catch the world (or at least the NL Central) by surprise. I’m just not ready to invest the energy to preach that sermon.

I will say that Marlon Byrd is exactly the guy I want delivering that message. He is a man of enthusiasm. A man of positivity. A man with pretty freaking huge arms. I’m glad he’s on the team, and I’m ready to start watching him play real baseball.

First spring training game is this Sunday. Marlon’s pep talk has definitely worked on me to some extent:

The guys we have — there’s not excitement on MLB Network, there’s not excitement on Baseball Tonight. That excitement is Greinke and Marcum with the Brewers and Berkman going to St. Louis and the Reds signing extensions to the young guys who are going to turn into big dogs. We’re going to fly under the radar and keep that excitement bottled up and once April 1 comes, we’re going to explode.

I share Marlon’s excitement. Just not his optimism.

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