Sammy’s Skin

I thought this wasn’t supposed to matter. Sammy Sosa hit 545 home runs in a Cubs uniform. Some people hate him because of his boom box. Some people hate him for cheating with a corked bat and a chemically altered physique. Some people hate him for caring more about putting on a show than being a good teammate. Some people hate him because it’s fashionable.

Now Sammy Sosa‘s skin is lighter than it used to be. I understand neither why that’s funny nor why anyone cares. But apparently people do.

Never mind the fact he was really good at baseball. Never mind the fact that he restored enthusiasm in baseball not only in Chicago but also in North America. Never mind that while he played with the Cubs he paid very little effort into anything other than being prepared to play baseball well and to entertain the fans who watched him.

But his skin is lighter now. So . . . LMFAO.

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  1. I'll point out that a lot of people were curious/angry/confused/other emotions when Michael Jackson's skin color started changing as well. I'm also going to point out that people gave Lou Henson a hard time over his Lou Do. Why should anyone care if someone lightens their skin or wears a comb-over?

    A lot of people are petty and enjoy criticizing what they perceive as shortcomings in others. Maybe it is how they boost their own self-esteem. I know I've been guilty at times and probably you have as well. Maybe it's a part of human nature that not everyone can successfully suppress.

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