Random Acts of Cubness

Marlon Byrd and Victor Conte still having a working relationship should change people’s impressions of Victor Conte.

Geovany Soto is going to get on base and hit the baseball hard.

Chicago Code isn’t a very good show, but I’ll probably still watch it forever.

And while I’m talking about it, the fictional White Sox fan cop called Cubs fan cop “Ron Santo” for saying he preferred 12-inch softball to 16-inch softball. But Ronnie played 16-inch softball. So I guess the White Sox cop fan’s character is pretty realistic.

Why did the mother pig kick the three little pigs out to go build their own houses? They’re little pigs.

I still miss Ron Santo.

Starlin Castro is going to be exciting to watch play baseball.

Also: errors shmerrors.

Tyler Colvin is probably better than I think.

Spring training still means nothing.

Randy Wells is in the starting rotation. He’s in.

Carlos Silva has something to prove. I hope for his sake he’s at least as good at proving things as Matt Damon was in Good Will Hunting.

Also, Carlos, if Andrew Cashner asks you if you like apples, don’t answer.

Kerry Wood is a Chicago Cub.

Mark Prior is a New York Yankee. His stat line so far in spring training, which, I know, means nothing, says he wants to remain a New York Yankee.

ERA: 0.00, 3 G, 3.0 IP, 1 H, O R, 1 BB, 4 SO, WHIP 0.67

I’m pretty happy about Kerry and Mark.

This Cubs team is not going to surprise a lot of people because too many people are saying they’re going to surprise a lot of people. You people suck at surprises.

Mike Quade is an interesting fellow.

April 1 can’t get here soon enough.

i want to write of nothing

I want to write of nothing I believe.
My mind erased, my heart no longer chained
To promise, all conclusions unconceived.
Let truth unbidden come through glass unstained.
I pray my tongue could unacquire the taste
Of love, of fury, deadness, pain, and joy.
Refresh my ignorance. Teach me to waste.
Sing gentle songs of grey to silent noise.
Inspire my words with nothing and I’ll say
Exactly what I mean to you, sweet void.
My empty praise of emptiness will play
The part of meaning after I’ve destroyed
My memory. I’ll write of this, the No.
No wrong. No doubt. . . . Then back to faith I go.

Word To Your Mother

I’m excited for several reasons at the moment. Baseball is back. Spring is in the . . . well, it’s not in the air so much as it is in the plans for the near future. But it’s coming. There are 1,000 things that have me smiling these days, but one in particular had me all jittery.

My friend Steph the Super-Talented (yes, that’s now her legal name) is directing/producing/em-ceeing/rocking the Valparaiso production of Listen To Your Mother Show at the Memorial Opera House. Yesterday, she announced the cast list, and I was all “What?!?” because my name was on it. (I checked again this morning. My name’s still there. Craziness.) To say I was excited would be an understatement. Huge fan of understatement that I am, I’ll say it: I was excited with the force of everlasting thunder.

So I get to read something I wrote about my mom in front of a big crowd of awesome people that will include, of course, my mom. And I’ll get a chance to work with some amazing people, including, of course, Stephanie. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with her, and I’m so proud of her. We’ve been friends for a long time, and if you told me back in high school that Steph would go on to produce a show like this, I would have said, “Duh.”

Anyway, I’m excited.