Well, it’s all come full circle. I started out with one blog. Then another. Then a third. A fourth. A trivial one. A Cubs one. Just too many. And then this one.

I got spread too thin. Starting new blogs was a habit that produced a byproduct I didn’t count on: keeping them up. Totally the most boring thing ever.

So I dropped that habit and reversed the whole thing. Everything’s here now. Well, not everything. I still blog about the Cubs at Obstructed View. (Here’s my most recent post.) But almost everything. Here. Where it makes sense. Ooh, and I still have an absolute blast posting American Idol recaps with Beth. (Here’s this week’s. It’s really funny, of course.) Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. Making total sense. Well, more sense. I can’t promise anything truly sensible. Unless you’re very new here, you know that already. And . . . now you know that indubitably.

So, I’m hoping the consolidation will lead to more posts. Less confusion. More hope for a brighter tomorrow. That kind of thing. I also hope you enjoy it.

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