Tuesday Trivia 5-24-2011

Some of those are really tall
Start counting.

I’m back in Chicago. City of big shoulders. The windy city. The city that sleeps sometimes, because come on. The city of brotherly mutual admiration. The city of pizza and hot dogs and Rahm Emanuel. My kind of town. The land of the free and the home of the Bulls. Where everybody knows your name, but they just call you “Hey.” The place with the helpful hardware man. The Second City. The nickname capital of the world.

Also the topic of today’s question. Here it goes:

Of the six tallest buildings in the United States, how many are in Chicago? (bonus points if you can name them all)

5 Replies to “Tuesday Trivia 5-24-2011”

  1. oh oh I think i know! I think it’s 4 – trump tower, Hancock tower, aon building & sears/willis/whatever they’re calling it today tower.

    I feel duly proud that I’m the first to answer since I’m a non native. or I’m just a smug git. you decide

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