Friday Trivia/Playlist

Today’s trivia comes with a playlist instead of some fancy shmancy verbosity (though verbosity is no slouch of a word). And the question should be easy, even though I had to look it up because I couldn’t remember it to save my life. But remembering things without looking them up is your job. Here’s the question:

Who was Marie Antoinette’s husband?

Now, enjoy today’s five-song playlist. Or don’t. (In case you can’t access the player, I’ll just tell you the songs:

“It Could Make You Cry,” Brett Dennen
“Send Me on My Way,” Rusted Root
“Going to California,” Led Zeppelin
“Heavenly Day,” Patty Griffin
“Maybe I’m Amazed,” Wings

5 Replies to “Friday Trivia/Playlist”

    1. Also . . . WINNER. She married him when he was Louis Auguste, Dauphin of France. Which made her Dauphine, though I don’t think she married him for that porpoise.

      Now I’m going to go slap myself for making that joke.

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