Listen to Your Mother

I was in a show. It was produced, directed, emceed, and performed in by my friend Steph. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve talked about this show, but I was honored, thrilled, overjoyed, humbled, proud, and delighted to be a part of it. The videos from the show are online now. So I figured I’d post mine here but also link to the rest of them collectively and individually. And I wanted to say a little bit about everyone in the show, because everyone in the show was pretty awesome.

June Saavedra
June was the first performance of the night and also the first of any of us to read when we first got together as a group, and about two seconds in I thought “Oh, crap, I can’t follow this!” June has this statuesque grace about her that would be completely intimidating if she wasn’t so down-to-earth, funny, and thoroughly nice. Also: jingle farts.

Heather Novak
Upon our first meeting, I found everything about Heather to be fun and hilarious and carefree and endearing and edgy. Then her piece took these unexpected twists through sweet then heart-piercing territories. She made me cry and laugh every time she read.

Meagan Francis
Meagan is about 57 kinds of smart and cute. Whenever I would tell people what LTYM was all about, I’d start with her piece about yoga with babies. She just has this look about her as if she’s letting you in on life’s big joke and can’t wait to deliver the punchline. Her wit, though, radiates so much heart in every word.

Lovelyn Palm
Lovelyn’s friends call her Love, and I have a feeling they would call her that even if her first name was Gertrude. She’s just so Love it’s not even funny. It’s so refreshing to hear someone speak with tons of emotion and intellect, and Lovelyn does that. And while at times she acted as though she would rather be anywhere else than on stage, she and her message so obviously belonged there.

Suzi Ryan
I love the way Suzi uses words. She’s the verbal equivalent of Sufjan Stevens. Or something. I don’t know, she’s just hilarious, and I was ridiculously glad to be in a show with her. She was admittedly not naturally comfortable with performing in front of even a table full of people, yet she was a natural performer. Her delivery killed me every time.

Kate Pantinas
Kate was pregnant at the time of the performance and in the time since putting us all in stitches she has gone on bedrest and subsequently delivered a beautiful baby girl. And there was something powerful about a woman in the late stages of pregnancy elegantly and masterfully owning the stage the way Kate did that night. Her daughter will grow to be very proud of this piece and this performance (and her mom, of course).

Sharon Stefankiewicz
Sharon told a story that was difficult to hear, yet undeniably triumphant. She stirs up some dark emotions and uncovers some painful myths of motherhood. She may have had the strongest presence of anyone on stage, yet she opened up more vulnerably than most people would ever dare. (And when her performance ends with a hug from her son, it might just wreck you . . . and you’ll love it.)

Elizabeth Chatwell
The great thing about Liz is that she is strong, brilliant, and funny, yet willing to be perfectly open and real. When someone as tough and sharp as Liz decides to invite you past her defenses to see what she’s truly feeling, you can’t help but relate (and be touched and amazed). Oh, and her performance has such great balance and form and rhythm and synergy and, and, AND . . . 

Megan Summers
Hands down the most fun person in whatever room lucky enough to have her, Megan charmed the audience with brevity, levity, and sweet random pearly wisdom. Also: she’s a Cubs fan, an advertising copywriter, and smart as hell. I’m in love.

Patrick Thornton
When I met Patrick, he struck me as a quiet, creative, thoughtful gent . . . so of course I expected him to explode on stage in a grandiose display of comedic fireworks. I knew he was the cousin of @shellipants. Even if you have never heard of shellipants, you have to know that she and her cousin are both hilarious, right? If you can’t figure that out from “shellipants,” I don’t think I can help you. Anyway, Patrick had me doubled over in laughter at “Hello, hello,” and I have never been less alone.

Stephanie Precourt
Okay, so Steph is amazing. You should know that. But you should also know that she genuinely felt like the luckiest person in the history of the world that she was able to be a part of this night. It was her night, but she refused to keep it for herself. Steph is completely in love with being a mother, but she’s still her own person who puts on ginormous shows and stuff. I’ve known her as long as I care to remember, and she’s just a 100% organic, genuine star. I’m very proud of her and grateful to her for including me in this giant dose of awesomeness.

Okay, this is me. And can I say how happy I am that the image that shows up for this video is the most obscenely dumb mid-sentence face I could have asked YouTube to use? Super happy.

19 Replies to “Listen to Your Mother”

  1. I agree with my beautiful daughter when she said the best blog post. Can I adopt you as my son? Your mom has to be so proud of you. YOU rock!

  2. I am humbled. Thank you, thank you, thank you…it was so amazing to be a part of such a talented and SMART group, people who genuinely love mothers and motherhood. Can’t wait to see you again!!

  3. Adam, you are so sweet. May I add YOUR piece was Hilarious…your delivery was so well timed and the story was marvelous. And then you go and say all this nice stuff about all of us? I’m in love! LOL!

  4. OMG Adam, this made me cry. You got everyone spot on! I may have to blog about you. But, wait, I don’t have a blog. Don’t tell your mom, but your my favorite of the Kellogg clan.

  5. Oh, Adam. I’m honestly a little pissed that you left Adam Kellogg off the list, he played such a significant role during this event and not having him listed feels like something is missing.

    But you were there and we all remember you as the funny, thoughtful, patient, encouraging guy who made all of us Moms out there want to try a little bit harder with our own children. So, thanks for that. (times a million)

  6. oh man. love this. loved each and every story. each and every person.

    i’m so grateful for your piece. so inspiring–i hope our 7 children feel the same way when they’re grown.

  7. This is a very generous shout out to all of us, Adam! I was extremely pleased to have a da onstage with all us moms! I enjoyed each and every story, and still do, again and again. I’m still grateful to everyone for giving me the space and support to share. It came at exactly the right moment for me. I just hope I help other moms out there who may feel alone and frightened.

  8. Thank you Adam. You are considerate and genuine. And, a very good writer 😉 I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have this memory.

  9. This is awesome, Adam. I love the part about Love being called Love even if her name was Gertrude. It’s so true.
    You owned the stage that night, too.

  10. Oh Adam, I’m seriously flattered, especially because I highlighted YOUR piece every time I talked to somebody about the show! You had it all – humor, sharp writing, heartstrings-tugging, comedic timing, the whole bit. So happy you were part of LYTM!

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