Happy. Tuesday.

I’ve said it before. I hate Tuesdays. Tuesdays are the worst day of the week. If the days of the week were made into a movie, here’s who would play them.

Bill Murray is: Monday
Bill Murray, like Monday, is dry. Kind of ridiculous. So irritable it's funny.
Russell Crowe is Wednesday
Serious. Versatile. Rogue. Wednesday means business at work, but, as a commemoration of halfway doneness, it's still wild at heart. Wednesday is Russell Crowe.
Sarah Jessica Parker is Thursday
Thursday is fun but productive. There's something special about it you can't quite put your finger on. Thursday rarely disappoints. It's not outrageously awesome. It's not perfect. But you can't help loving it. It's Sarah Jessica Parker.

Pauly Shore is Friday
Friday is a no-brainer. Just like Pauly Shore.
Matthew McConaughey is Saturday
Saturday could be hard working, it's probably laid back anyway. It might go out for cocktails, it might just hang out, and the shirt is probably not staying on for long. Saturday is so Matthew McConaughey it's not even funny.
Ellen DeGeneres is Sunday
Sunday is thoughtful and fun. It's picnics and spontaneous dancing. It can't show up without us religious folks saying something about it. It's hanging out with friends yet for some reason insisting on wearing a suit. Sunday is Ellen DeGeneres.
Martin Short is Tuesday.
Tuesday is loud, irrepressible, obnoxious, and it thinks it's so funny. Every now and then it is, but mostly you just wish it would go away. Sorry, Martin Short. It's nothing personal. But you're perfect for this role.

Oh, and I’m still waiting for an answer to last Friday’s question.

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    1. Oh my. You know, I had started listening to a free streaming preview of his all ukulele album recently, and I just didn’t have the tenacity to stick with it throughout. I’m assuming that’s somewhere later in the album than the half a song or so that I heard. Now that I’ve heard that? Ugh. It kinda sounds like something that would appear in the next installment of the Saw movies. I’ve never seen a Saw movie, I just think Eddie’s “Dream a Little Dream” would fit nicely in something designed to scare the living crap out of people.

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