A Little Rain

The view out every window. Every day. All day long.

Who was the poet who wrote, “Into every life a little rain must fall,” was it Coleridge?* No matter. He was guilty of understatement. Sometimes every life gets deluged.

I’m not writing about my own life, at least not now. But there is a depressingly long list of friends of mine who wouldn’t be considered remotely vain for thinking this song post was about them. And that sucks.

The 10,000 Maniacs song “Like the Weather” comes to mind, and not in the random way tunes usually worm their way into my consciousness. Here in Chicagoland, the rain just won’t stop. On our Cubs blog, Tim suggested tricking Kosuke “April is my only good month” Fukudome into thinking April lasted for 180 days. Somehow the weather deemed that a fantastic idea.

This rain just won’t stop falling, and I don’t really understand why.

And I get a shiver in my bones just thinking about what some people I love have been going through lately. Some of it’s annoying like a rained out picnic. Some of it’s depressing like three days without sunshine. And then there are lives I’ve seen ravaged by events as unforgiving and savage as tornados.

It’s not a contest. I don’t care to compare, say, the loss of a child to the loss of a friend or to the loss of a job, an opportunity, or just hope in general. All I know is that far too many people are getting drenched by the far too many storms.

I don’t want to complain. Well, yeah, I do. But I know everybody has a lot to be thankful for. (Like sentences that begin with conjunctions and end with prepositions. And fragments.) Still, I wouldn’t say no to a little sunshine. A June day that doesn’t feel like April 85. A break for my friends. Maybe that is too much to ask.

But right now I’m on my knees. Asking. For just a few sunshiny days.

*These are the things I ask when I’m posting from my phone and don’t feel like rifling through the interplumbing for answers.

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