Pooh on Potter

Okay, I love Harry Potter. The books more than the movies, but I really do love the whole enterprise. Mostly. I’ve seen and enjoyed all the movies, but the hype of their release doesn’t consume me the way the books did as they apparated into my life. I am excited to see how the final chapter looks on the big (2-D) screen, but . . . wait, hold on just one second . . .

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Okay, where was I? Yes, I like the movies. Love the books. But with that in mind, I’m more excited about another British import: Winnie the Pooh.

The animation looks simple. The drawing looks exquisite. All of it looks pretty true to the original . . . well, the original Disney stuff. The thing I’m most excited about? The music. Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward (aka She and Him) are all over the soundtrack. And they are delightful. I downloaded the album as soon as I could. It’s cool. I’d love for my kids to see the movie. And I’d love for you to hear this song.

Now, if you can’t listen to that link, try watching this little preview:

The film trailer is pretty huggable too:

9 Replies to “Pooh on Potter”

    1. That’s awesome, b, thanks. The Disney non-Pixar stuff really has suffered for quite awhile. I hope this one does well, but I don’t know that going up against the last Potter film is necessarily a great formula for success.

  1. Whatever. Poopey Dashocrap, is lame. I don’t like her. Nick says he “used to” have a crush on her.
    For the life of me, I have NO IDEA WHY. She’s weird. There’s my two cents. You can keep’em.

    1. Um, shye-ah. So. There’s only one reason I love Elf. Will Ferrell. Anybody with a nice voice could have played her part…

      Oh, hi, my name is Poopey, I’m so quirky and cute. Look into my big bug eyes. I’m so different. Lame.

  2. So….where’s M.Ward in all this…I hear Zooey loud and clear but where’s Matt?? I’m intrigued but also feel like seeing the movie could be equivalent to seeing a commercial for “Cotton: The Fabric of Our Lives”. No offense Zooey.

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