Random Random

It’s Friday. Unless you’re reading this on some other day, in which case you should make it Friday in your heart.

Which are they, thunderstorms or lightning storms? Seems like the sound gets all the lexical pub.

Pop-Tarts, people. Pop. Tarts.

Has anyone checked on Pluto? He put on a brave face at first, but what hope is there for a former planet? Lots, Pluto. Lots.

Whenever you’re reading this, I’m hungry. I promise.

Friends. That is all.

At Dairy Queen, when they mess up an order, they just throw away the whoops. When you feel like crying and don’t understand why? It’s the DQ.

Allowing people to be wrong will add 10 years to your life.

Unless by “other people,” you mean air traffic controllers.

Yep. Still hungry.

Let me tell you what I know about the debt ceiling and national economics in general.

2 Replies to “Random Random”

  1. “Allowing people to be wrong will add 10 years to your life.”

    This is brilliant. One reason I think this is true (beyond my assumption that you mean letting things go is less stressful for your spirit) is that being a person who lets wrong go for others will often have a correlating result of being someone who lets wrong go in themselves. Maybe I’m just too self-involved, but I feel like the crap about myself that I won’t let go of does as much damage to me as the crap of others.

    Of course, this is even more true if what you’re holding onto is LITERAL crap. (Wink wink to your blog here). Nothing good comes from holding it, this I am sure of.

    {This should not be confused with “literate” crap, which is crap that comes from a smart ass. And I’ve gone too far, which is what happens when you drink beer at the office.]


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