More Random Things Because That’s All I’m Good For

Pretzels really should be its own food group.

In Rise of the Planet of the Apes, a virus designed to stimulate the regrowth of brain cells is stunningly effective in apes but is eventually neutralized by the human immune system. This requires a more aggressive strain, the negative effects of which are neutralized by the more robust immune system of chimps . . . while the positive effects turn them into geniuses. That’s quite the diplomatic immunity.

I usually have at least 10 tabs open on Google Chrome. They’re all very important.

I eat ice cream more frequently than I shower. No joke.

e.e. cummings is good at poetry. That said, I expect some of his poems could easily be mistaken for spam comments.

I don’t know who’d win in a fight between Bono and Oprah, but I’d pay good money to find out.

It seems it would take an awful lot of money to pay Bono and Oprah to fight each other.

Maybe the hardest thing about faith is trusting other people’s as genuine. Yet faith in other people has been quite possibly the strongest apology for God I’ve ever known.

I use adverbs entirely too frequently.

Cubs baseball has been fun to watch lately. I suppose that’s enough.

It’s hard to believe there is as much money in the world as this country owes. Is there, really?

We could all still learn a lot from Punky Brewster.

My wife and I were watching when Tony Hawk landed the first 900 in competition. My son now says Tony Hawk is his favorite person in the world. So I told him that story this weekend. He thought it was pretty cool.

Admit it, Encino Man affected you more profoundly than did Citizen Kane.

Are these thoughts random or arbitrary? I should look that up.

7 Replies to “More Random Things Because That’s All I’m Good For”

  1. I saw Encino Man in the theatre. I do not regret it. The part where Brendan Fraser took a bath and scrubbed off centuries of dirt and went from filthy to hot was worth it.

    1. I’ve probably watched Citizen Kane and Encino Man the same number of times (4?) and I remember a lot more of Paulie Shore’s lines than I do of Orson Welles’.

      And when the boys were playing hide-and-seek and tried to sneak into the garage fridge, you better believe they got a very special Punky-inspired lecture.

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