Morning Minute 9-9-2011

My niece Mackenzie sees things her own way. That’s a gift.

I can’t remember what triggered the memory (impossible to imagine me having a random thought, I know, but it happens), but I recently had a flashback to watching Return to Me with Mackenzie. She liked it. She didn’t complain. 98% of the movie left her smiling, but one story line absolutely captivated her. Here’s how she viewed the movie:

The gorilla, Sidney, needed a new cage.  david duchovny’s character’s wife died her heart was used in a transplant to save minnie driver’s character who then serendipitously fell in love with david duchovny’s character without knowing that her heart used to belong to his wife and then they found out and oh my goodness that’s so weird but then it wasn’t and then they wound up together because their hearts were meant to be together and what in the world is wrong with that. Then Sidney got a new cage! Applause!!!!

The question on most people’s minds: when and how will the two romantic leads finally make this crazy situation work? The question on Mackenzie’s mind: will Sidney get the bigger, better habitat she deserves? Who is asking the right question? I don’t care. But I know Mackenzie was asking the question no one else was asking. She wins.

So this is what I ask myself: what are the so-called small victories that could be easily won were I not so concerned about the issues that, according to popular opinion, are more important? Am I trying to make everyone happy when I should be trying to make Mackenzie happy? Or Heather? Or Colin? Or Reuben, Carrie, or Jamarcus? You get the idea.


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